Posts made in March 2018

A farmer from Agwa community had been battling Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

Mr Peter Emekoma, a farmer from Agwa community had been battling with Diabetic Foot Ulcer for over a year before presenting to Marycare Health Center. Due to lack of funds, he was unable to go to a proper hospital for treatment. He had been visiting herbalists for treatment while his foot kept getting worse until he heard about Marycare. 

The first picture shows Mr Emekoma when he first visited Marycare and the second shows him today. He is very grateful to Marycare for saving him from imminent amputation. 
Mr Emekoma is one out of many men and women who would have been unable to receive any proper medical care without the benevolence of Marycare’s donors.

Counseling A Pastor for Type 2 Diabetes

This is Mr Elijah Oparanyanwu, a pastor of a small church in Ejemekwuru. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Melitus about four years ago. According to him, “After I was told I had Diabetes, I was given some medications by the nurse. Nobody explained anything about my condition to me except the nurse who told me I had to stop eating starchy food. I was also told I had to be on medication, but there was no way I could afford the drugs. So I stayed without any drugs for over a year. I was always sick, always getting up to ease myself up to five or six times every night. I was losing a lot of weight, and I was in constant pains all over my body until I came to Marycare”

When he came to Marycare, he had a fasting blood sugar of 365mg/dl. He was counseled on the appropriate dietary modifications, and placed on medication. For two years now, he has been a regular patient at Marycare health center, and has remained stable. He is full of praises for Marycare and the donors who made it possible for him to be receiving the treatment he has been getting since 2016 “I think Marycare was brought by God to save lives in this community. It would have cost a fortune for me to be going to a government hospital for medical checks. I pray that God will continue to bless everyone who contributed in any way to make this possible