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Malnutrition in infants and under 5 children is very common in African societies.

Malnutrition in infants and under 5 children is very common in African societies, and is usually due to poverty, ignorance and harmful social practices and beliefs. It is a leading cause of childhood mortality in Africa.

Little Chinecherem was brought to Marycare health center by his mother on account of fever and diarrhea. At one year and five months, he was weighing 8kg. The hospital staff were able to resuscitate him and also educate the mother on how to provide adequate nutrition for her children with available local foodstuffs.

The last picture shows Chinecherem at the health center a week later, showing marked improvement, weighing 9.5kg.

This is one out of several malnutrition cases seen at the clinic every week. It would not have been possible to provide any assistance to these children and their parents especially in a community that depended on local medicine vendors for their healthcare without the support of Marycare and their donors.

Chinecherem and other children like him can play today because of your generosity .


Marycare Inc, an old and reputable fully registered and completely exempt, 501(c)3, US nonprofit organization founded some three decades ago [1986] by the late Anne Bates, a pedigreed New Englander and her father, the late G. Wallace Bates [See www.marycare.org] helps the poor break the cycle of poverty in marginalized and isolated communities.

We provide basic health education, free medical healthcare, small revolving loans to women, and skill acquisition training to the youth of low income households in the isolated districts of the world. Since the official opening of Marycare Health Center in Ejemekwuru, Imo State Nigeria, we have registered over 3000 patients, helped over 200 women start their own businesses and currently training 4 youth in skill acquisition.


Marycare is seeking an intern who is committed to promoting Marycare’s mission. Reporting to the president or designee, the intern will Create multiple database systems that enable Marycare Inc., support both office and Board of Directors management, support communications strategies to broaden the organization’s impact, drive donor support and broader awareness for the organization by maintaining ongoing follow-up with donors and supporters via mail, email blast and other forms of communication and to suggest innovative ways in which Marycare may attract additional donors or funders. 

Major Area:Office Management/Fundraising support and Mission Trips to Nigeria. This position is part-time 15-18 hours/week, preferably twice a week at the Marycare office in Hartford. Up to 4 hours can be completed remotely.


  • Support digital marketing efforts to build awareness of Marycare. This includes generating content for use on website, social media channels, e-mail, blog and other platforms.
  • Set up an electronic filing system for all non-profit 501 (c) 3 required State of CT and auditor paperwork
  • Set up an electronic calendar and reminder system for annual filings of all necessary paperwork to include confidentiality forms for the Board of Directors in US.
  • Meet with members of the Executive Committee to determine donor data base system
  • Set up a historical electronic for minutes, agendas and checks based on agency fiscal year.
  • Ensure all documents and communications to and from Director of Services in Imo State Nigeria are filed appropriately.
  • Go through any archived files to sort and determine useful and important paperwork.
  • Learn web based program to update or suggest updates on Marycare Inc. website.
  • Catalogue fundraising letters, documents, memorabilia, posters, pictures, flyers etc.
  • Meet/attend at least one board meeting to speak with officers and committee staff
  • Make recommendations as needed to help organize office administration, twitter and Facebook and how to support ongoing student involvement
  • Other responsibilities related to this project as needed and time permits
  • Assist in writing original content to showcase our member stories and the impact of the program on their lives.
    • Completed or working toward a college degree, preferably in a related field (e.g., Marketing, Communications, Graphic Design, nonprofit, healthcare).
    • Efficient communicator, writer and independent worker with good project management (define, plan, implement, and evaluate), research and time management skills.
    • Possesses knowledge of systems development and individual system components
    • Enthusiasm for the mission of Marycare and the people we serve.
    • START DATE: Position open until filled, requires a 3-6-month commitment.
    • COMPENSATION: This is an unpaid internship; however, there is potential for academic credit, and paid international trip to Nigeria for Medical Mission.

    TO APPLY: 
Please submit your resume and a cover letter that outline your suitability for the role to info@marycare.org, including the subject line “DATABASE AND COMMUNICATIONS INTERN. Marycare is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO). All candidates for employment will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

At Marycare health center, patients are attended to by our qualified professionals.

At Marycare health center, patients are attended to by our qualified professionals including our doctors and registered nurses, which is a change from what the villagers were used to. Their healthcare used to be at the mercy of medicine vendors, but today it cost almost nothing to get adequate medical care from qualified medical personnel, all thanks to the donors of Marycare.

Children in rural areas in Africa are faced with numerous health challenges.

Children in rural areas in Africa are faced with numerous health challenges including malaria, infectious disease, sickle cell disease and malnutrition among several others. Marycare Health Center Ejemekwuru has been working hard to ensure not only that infant and under 5 mortality is greatly reduced, but that our children achieve optimum growth and development as expected.

From free drugs for treatment of diseases, to education and support of parents of children living with sickle cell disease to distribution of infant feeding formula for malnourished children, we are working hard to b
uild a better life for the children of Ejemekwuru and neighbouring communities all thanks to our benevolent donors.

The major means of transportation in Ejemekwuru and several other towns around is the motorcycle.

The major means of transportation in Ejemekwuru and several other towns around is the motorcycle. A lot of times, these bikes are overloaded with goods or passengers. The bike riders also in the quest to meet up with their daily returns often over speed, leading to accidents. Very often these accidents lead to severe injuries and even deaths. Delays in providing first aid or moving the accident victims to the hospital usually account for a lot of the mortalities. 

Marycare health center is doing a lot of work in providing treatment to victims with minor injuries and first aid for victims with major injuries free of charge in order to reduce mortality on our roads. Our health talks also educate the people on safety measures on the road.

Meet Sister B, cleaner at Marycare health center.

Mrs. Blessing Anujuo, fondly called Sister B by the hospital staff and patients is the cleaner at Marycare health center. She’s always seen in the clinic going about her duties with so much dedication, a smile
permanently on her face. 

Sister B is a widow with four children. With little formal education, she was finding it difficult to raise her children after the death of her husband until she heard of a vacancy at Marycare. In her own words “I don’t know what I would have done if I did not get this job. I have enjoyed a lot of goodwill working in this clinic. This is the best job I could wish for. I can’t thank Marycare enough”

Thanks to Marycare and our wonderful donors for helping us put a smile on villagers like Sister B.


Health education plays a very significant role in the management of diseases.

Health education plays a very significant role in the management of diseases. It is a vital component of primary prevention of diseases. It’s importance cannot be over emphasized in the African setting where lack of information, poverty and harmful traditional practices contribute a great deal to the high mortality rates. For example, it is a common belief in the rural areas that consumption of bitter food items helps to cure diabetes. Up to this moment, majority of people in this setting believe that hypertension is due to excessive thinking. The least nutritious food items are reserved for the children, hence there is seldom any hospital that does not see cases of malnutrition in children on a regular basis.

With the advent of Marycare Health Center, Ejemekwuru and it’s neighbouring communities have been able to benefit from a lot of primary disease prevention services. Health talks are given on a regular basis to enlighten the villagers on their health challenges. Traditional practices which are harmful to their health are pointed out. Regular screening for chronic non communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes are carried out. Infant feeds from Marycare donors have gone a long way to help in tackling malnutrition in children.

A lot of patients presented with very high blood pressures and sugar levels  and they had no idea they were hypertensive or diabetic. Today, they are informed and are able to manage their conditions and still live their normal lives all thanks to Marycare donors.

A farmer from Agwa community had been battling Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

Mr Peter Emekoma, a farmer from Agwa community had been battling with Diabetic Foot Ulcer for over a year before presenting to Marycare Health Center. Due to lack of funds, he was unable to go to a proper hospital for treatment. He had been visiting herbalists for treatment while his foot kept getting worse until he heard about Marycare. 

The first picture shows Mr Emekoma when he first visited Marycare and the second shows him today. He is very grateful to Marycare for saving him from imminent amputation. 
Mr Emekoma is one out of many men and women who would have been unable to receive any proper medical care without the benevolence of Marycare’s donors.

Counseling A Pastor for Type 2 Diabetes

This is Mr Elijah Oparanyanwu, a pastor of a small church in Ejemekwuru. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Melitus about four years ago. According to him, “After I was told I had Diabetes, I was given some medications by the nurse. Nobody explained anything about my condition to me except the nurse who told me I had to stop eating starchy food. I was also told I had to be on medication, but there was no way I could afford the drugs. So I stayed without any drugs for over a year. I was always sick, always getting up to ease myself up to five or six times every night. I was losing a lot of weight, and I was in constant pains all over my body until I came to Marycare”

When he came to Marycare, he had a fasting blood sugar of 365mg/dl. He was counseled on the appropriate dietary modifications, and placed on medication. For two years now, he has been a regular patient at Marycare health center, and has remained stable. He is full of praises for Marycare and the donors who made it possible for him to be receiving the treatment he has been getting since 2016 “I think Marycare was brought by God to save lives in this community. It would have cost a fortune for me to be going to a government hospital for medical checks. I pray that God will continue to bless everyone who contributed in any way to make this possible