Health education plays a very significant role in the management of diseases.

Health education plays a very significant role in the management of diseases. It is a vital component of primary prevention of diseases. It’s importance cannot be over emphasized in the African setting where lack of information, poverty and harmful traditional practices contribute a great deal to the high mortality rates. For example, it is a common belief in the rural areas that consumption of bitter food items helps to cure diabetes. Up to this moment, majority of people in this setting believe that hypertension is due to excessive thinking. The least nutritious food items are reserved for the children, hence there is seldom any hospital that does not see cases of malnutrition in children on a regular basis.

With the advent of Marycare Health Center, Ejemekwuru and it’s neighbouring communities have been able to benefit from a lot of primary disease prevention services. Health talks are given on a regular basis to enlighten the villagers on their health challenges. Traditional practices which are harmful to their health are pointed out. Regular screening for chronic non communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes are carried out. Infant feeds from Marycare donors have gone a long way to help in tackling malnutrition in children.

A lot of patients presented with very high blood pressures and sugar levels  and they had no idea they were hypertensive or diabetic. Today, they are informed and are able to manage their conditions and still live their normal lives all thanks to Marycare donors.