Care and Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the root of our name. This brief history reviews how our nonprofit organization and charitable mission based in Hartford, CT, became a team that brings diverse talents and motivations to our mission to touch hearts and change lives.

Smiling girl holding baby.Bishop Peter Rosazza was working with disadvantaged communities in Connecticut and worldwide around 1986-87 and became friends with G. Wallace Bates who was funding development programs in the Philippines. Bates was inspired to help in areas where no one else was. This was the root of Marycare, Inc. although the government did not formally recognize it as a nonprofit until July 1996.

Marycare has—to date—had a global focus helping very poor people build basis Christian communities while improving their life. Specific projects are chosen based on compelling need, the possibility of high impact, and the lack of duplication of effort by other organizations. Marycare first worked in the Philippines including doing peace building in a war zone; then in East Timor victims of torture were trained as therapeutic social workers.

In poor dry regions of Argentina Marycare supported the development of rural schools and farm cooperatives by improving drinking water, conserving natural resources, and installing solar electrification. In Haiti, Marycare focused on community development through health and education, both in rural areas and the slums of Port au Prince. The success of this approach has led to the development of offshoot in-country organizations that remain friends of the parent organization while focusing on their local area. Haiti Marycare was formed in 2007 as a separate nonprofit organization. This leaves the parent organization freer to focus on Nigeria and new initiatives.

In the last eleven years, Nigerian rural areas were an area of focus. Marycare sponsored digging water wells and beginning the organization of a village educational program for youth study. The objective is to raise the economic status enough to make an individual more self-sufficient. A locally-administered revolving loan program for indigent women to start businesses was created and is aiding 150 families and becoming self-sustaining.

In the United States Marycare has also helped extremely poor people with emergency shelter, food, and educational assistance. Marycare work continues to grow through partnerships and networks with youth their leaders and an enthusiastic fundraising “Village to Village” annual event.


Marycare members enable people to become leaders in their communities which are often extremely isolated and oppressed so that these native leaders can help their communities. Together, we implement solutions to problems like lack of safe drinking water, income generating opportunities, nutrition food crops, and education. We find—through local leaders—solutions to dehumanizing problems sometimes caused by social and political powers. We emphasize sustainable development of communities and care for our planet and all God’s creation.

Contact us if you are interested in helping us to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Our charitable mission is dedicated to helping those in need from across the globe.