Charity Organization Working in Nigeria

Marycare, Inc. is a charity organization based in Hartford, CT, with a singular mission. That mission is to help poverty-stricken communities. We hope to break them free of this vicious cycle through a variety of helpful services.

No community deserves to be without fresh water, educational opportunities, or health care simply because they have been marginalized and isolated due to their ethnic and social economic status. We work with community leaders to help change the environment in these communities so they can begin to enjoy the human rights they deserve.

Marycare Medical Clinic

Women working with Nutritional Program.After evaluating the overwhelming suffering and loss of lives due to lack of access to medical care, our nonprofit organization decided to build a health center in Ejemekwuru. The physical structure itself is complete and the committed staff has been recruited. Your support helps this medical clinic continue to operate and give much needed medical attention to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

Nutritional Program

Our charity organization is currently funding a nutritional program to teach Nigerian women the health benefits that come with growing, preparing, and eating the moringa plant, also known as the drumstick tree. According to UNICEF, one in five Nigerian children dies before their fifth birthday. By ensuring proper nutrition, we can help these children grow up to be strong, healthy, and responsible adults.

Marycare Medical Mission

In January of 2011, volunteer doctors and nurses traveled to Nigeria to participate in the First Medical Mission to the town of Ejemekwuru, Imo State. It is our mission to fund even more medical missions to further help those in need of health care in areas where it is not readily available.

Small Scale Loans

In many developing countries, unfair and unjust loan practices abound. There is an interest rate of approximately 20% on any money borrowed, which makes it almost impossible for borrowers to repay their loans. We know that it takes money for communities to get off their feet and want to make it more reasonable for responsible individuals to get the loans they need to create a stronger community for themselves and those around them.


Children looking at the camera.In the past, we have provided scholarships for more than 340 children to go to secondary school. The first set of our scholarship children has just recently graduated from college. With your help, we can send even more kids to college through our Skill Acquisition Program for Youths so they can help improve their community.


Marycare, Inc. provided the people of Umuoduwa, Ejemekwuru, in Nigeria with a simple gift of water, which has saved many precious lives. The people of Umuoduwa, Ejemekwuru, for many years did not have safe water to drink and, therefore, could not live a healthy life. During the dry season, which starts in October, the people would walk between two to four miles to the neighboring towns to fetch water from the polluted river. Many people, especially children, were killed along the road while attempting to fetch this water. Your donations helped us make a major difference here and in other places where fresh water is scarce.

Contact us to join our charity organization with delivering aid to communities in need of better water, education, and health care.